The HEARTLAND AUTOHARP by Whippoorwill Acoustics is built by hand and is made to order. The average time from order placement to delivery is approximately 6 months. After submitting this form, Jo Ann will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your setup choices and finalize your order. Once the order is submitted, Ken Ellis at Whippoorwill Acoustics will contact you with further information regarding payment and shipping.

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The Heartland Model can be set up in three basic configurations. Choose one of the following:
If you chose "Chromatic" above, select from the following key ranges:
If you chose "Two-Key Diatonic" or "Single-Key Diatonic" above, select one of the following: (NOTE: Two-key setups will have locking mechanisms added to two of the chord bars, adding $40 to the total cost.)
All Heartland Autoharps will be made with 15 chord bars in three rows. Two-row setups or configurations with more than 15 bars or fewer than 15 are not offered.
Available Options:
Choose any additional options you wish. Lock Bar mechanisms ($40) will be automatically added to all Two-Key Diatonic setups unless you tell us you don't want them (indicate so in Comments section).
Strap Buttons (No Charge) *
After looking at the diagram below, please choose TWO locations for your strap buttons to be mounted.
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